Personal Finance

If you need recommendations that takes your personal situation into account, you need personal advice.

For this kind of advice, it's important that you only talk to someone who is a licensed adviser.

The costs will vary, depending on the scope and kind of advice you receive.

There are different types of personal financial advice that you can get from Smarter Finances:

  • Simple, single issue advice - addresses a particular aspect of your finances, for example, the best way to make personal super contributions. It's not comprehensive advice. You may be able to work out some of these simple issues for yourself, using readily available online tools.
  • Comprehensive financial advice - involves developing a comprehensive financial plan to help you set and achieve financial goals. It will cover things like saving, investments, insurance and superannuation and retirement planning. This sort of plan should be monitored and adjusted over time.
  • Ongoing advice - Our advisers will monitor and review your financial plan on a regular basis to help you manage your financial affairs. The frequency of reviews and how you pay for them will be mutually agreed when you start working with Smarter Finances.
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